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The Leverhulme Trust
The Leverhulme Trust was established at the wish of William Hesketh Lever and makes awards for the support of research and education.
Learn more about research foci in the Division of Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire.
Learn more about research foci in Geography at the University of Exeter.
Depart of Geography
Indian Water Portal
A Journey Through India's Diverse Water Wisdom by Nitya Jacob
Shree Padre
The Rain Man of Canara Coast. Learn more about the water journalist Shree Padre
Learn more about Indigenous Knowledge in India and the work of the CIKS.
Learn more about the India Water Portal a digital commons initiative, supported by Arghyam.
Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM) that was established as an autonomous research organisation by the Government of Kerala, under its Science and Technology Policy in February 1978.
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Indian Meteorological Department
Planning a trip and need to know what the weather is like in India. Get weather information from Indian Meteorological Department website.
University of Hertfordshire
DHAN Foundation
Development of Humane Action (DHAN) Foundation, a professional development organisation, which brings highly motivated, educated young women and men to the development sector, to make significant changes in the livelihoods of the poor through innovative themes and institutions. Learn more about DHAN.