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The use of Surangas in promoting sustainable water management practices in Indian states

December 9, 2011
The School of Life Sciences has recently secured a two-year research grant by the Leverhulme Trust (RPG-392) for a project in collaboration with Exeter University entitled "An investigation into the sustainability of Suranga technology in south Karnataka and north Kerela states of India". Full news

Water at the end of the tunnel

February 13, 2012
British scientists are set to study old horizontal tunnels still in use in some parts of South India. The harvesting tradition of surangas, fast dying with the advent of bore wells and pumps, combats water shortages in the region, reports T.V. Jayan. Full article at The Telegraph Calcutta, India.

Dr Darren Crook interviewed by ETV News

16 Oct 2012
Dr Darren Crook from the University of Hertfordshire, UK is interviewed (October 2012) about suranga irrigation by ETV News in Manila village, Karnataka (India).
Investigating the sustainability of suranga: Dr Darren Crook (January 2012 newsletter the Leverhulme Trust) 

January 2, 2012
Karnataka and Kerala states in India are densely populated and facing huge environmental problems caused by rising population, resource depletion and climate change. In particular the impact on scarce water resources appears critical as local hydrological systems adjust
to changing patterns of water use and reduced availability.
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Hanging out with the Suranga Water Harvesting Project

17 Oct 2012
Professor Chris Turney in Australia hangs out with Darren, Richard and Sudhir in India to find out more about the Leverhulme Suranga Water Harvesting Project. This was the first ever Google+ Intrepid Science hangout.

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Pictures of various activities during the field trip to India

15 Dec 2012
Dr Darren Crook, Dr Richard Jones and Sudhir Tripathi have successfully finished the first field trip of the suranga project funded by the Leverhulme project RPG 392. In addition to an extensive field survey and data collection,  presentations on climate change and water scarcity were given to college students. The team visited two famous School campuses of the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust (SSSLST) in the district of Karnataka state. The research team experienced a lot of media attention with interviews given to the Indian Water Portal, Vijayvani Kannada Daily newspaper and ETV Kannada news channel.
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